When a well-known public figure brings out a new book - usually in the form of their biography - we ask with a certain amount of amazement, "how do they do it?" Are Formula 1 drivers, footballers, rock stars and the like really capable of dashing down 400 pages "en passant"? Normal people like you and me delay writing cancelling our membership to the fitness club, because we don't have the time.

External social media editorial

The answer is really simple: ghost writers take on the task of producing a coherent body of work from paper-based material, audio recordings and other sources. This all takes place for a fee, of course, and normally they waive their right to being named as an author in return. And because we believe this division of labour makes sense, we have gone on to apply the concept to the world of social media as well. We address your topics and content, scan the major media and publications, and generate contributions for the relevant social media channels from it all. In this way we cater for a constant flow of news, and take the burden off you and your staff.

The unseen fairy godmother

At the end of the day, we write what you would like to write if you had the time. But you don't - and you should take it like a sportsman, because you are not the only one with the same problem. Or do you really believe that Sebastian Vettel or the Dalai Lama post on Facebook, or that Obama sends outs tweets every hour? It's the unseen fairy godmother who does all that.