Social media are media as well, just as the name implies. And media live from content. Many companies, which burden an already overworked member of staff with managing channel content, wholly underestimate this aspect. We know this from large corporations who only set aside a time budget of five hours a week for this. Without anticipating the need to provide an individual offering: there is no way that this can result in a high quality offering.

Your editorial team

We have taken this obvious shortcoming, which has also been described extensively in numerous media, as an opportunity to supply professional editorial services for social media. The "we" being referred to here are Kai Leonhardt and Thomas Schumacher from Public Footprint, supported by a team of freelance communications professionals and journalists. Accounts are assigned to a "topic mentor" as a contact person. This person assists in creating the strategy and tools for the editorial work, forms and supervises a team, and is responsible for all the reporting.

Individually tailored to your needs

There are probably as many approaches to social media for companies as there are companies. We cooperate with you to work out a plan, and take care of implementing it. Please contact us for a free initial consultation.