An advanced, high-performance engine is an extremely complex creation. Pistons, valves, spark plugs and other components need to perform their job perfectly so that the engine can a) actually start and b) reach full power. There are definitely similarities with social media here.

Quality and staying power

The interplay of various factors is again crucial here. Appearance and content must follow a precise plan for Facebook, Twitter & Co. to deliver the maximum benefit for your organisation. In the long term, all the channels concerned need to be coordinated and filled with quality content. You do not put run-of-the-mill 15W-40 oil from a discounter in a Formula 1 engine.

The team wins

However the amount of effort required to do so if often underestimated. A professional social media strategy is never a standalone strategy, and certainly not one you pursue on the side. Scanning news, formulating it and publishing it in a manner suitable to the platform, as well as observing the competition and monitoring performance all cost time. And in doing so, the people involved need to have extensive knowledge of the respective disciplines in the corporate environment. You are in good hands with our team: we provide you with the support you need when it comes to all the roundabout details. Irrespective of whether your "social media engine" coughs, splutters, loses oil, is not powerful enough, or perhaps doesn't even start - we make sure you get back on the road. Why not give us a try!