Information is now an important - and many say the most important - asset. Companies spend vast sums of money on collecting all sorts of data to derive information from it that will make the organisation more efficient, and gain a competitive advantage. A company should always know where it stands, what the competition is doing, or what it could be doing even better itself in order to stay ahead in the future.

This entails a lot more than just monitoring the media

This is not a new finding, and is the reason why professional corporate communications always include media monitoring today. Social media monitoring goes far beyond classical clipping services, however, because moods can also be captured over blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Do you have complaints piling up on a provider? What do the users of a new product think about it? How do participants rate an event?

In real-time and without filters

Our monitoring lets us know immediately what media reports and blogs are reporting, and which topics on Facebook and Twitter are currently popular. We see what might interest your customers, and tell you when your company should engage in a discussion.

Lots of things are possible - we make it happen!