The phrase "Nothing is older than yesterday's news," has never been more true than in the era of social media. Your target audience expects cutting-edge, interesting news in an adequate format. Ideally, to do so, you need to look outside your organisation's box and establish yourself as a specialist in thematic channels. For social media, news is comparable with the spark plug in a car, which has to emit new sparks continually to make the engine run smoothly.

A time slur slows down social media

In itself, messages exist in abundance, but the good ones are not so easy to find. Do you have the time to filter them out of the web continuously? Social media projects initiated with high expectations frequently fail for exactly this reason. Organisations jump on the "Facebook & Co." bandwagon. without providing for the necessary capacities and structures within the company. The result: a lifeless and static social media presence without any chance of success.

Scanning 500 magazines? It's possible!

Modern tools and our motivated editorial team make it possible for us to scan hundreds of online media source by audience needs every day. We then supply you with the most important reports every day, which you "just" need feed to Twitter, and Facebook & Co. And if you do not have the time to formulate your own text contributions and post them online, we will also be happy to write and post them for you.