As a PR agency, we've been in business long enough to know that investments eventually have to withstand a reality check: the question whether what we actually do really achieves something for our company needs to be asked. Our answer: yes, of course it does! In fact, our services have provided almost a 70 percent return for one of our accounts. We will be glad to explain to you in person how you can achieve this yourself.

Transparent services…

Our approach provides for 100 percent transparency: what topics did well? What is the growth rate for the number of followers/fans? Does interaction take place? How do you quantify the benefits? What we do, how we do it and what it delivers - we process and package all the information for you. A social media engine needs to pass an MOT more than just once every two years.

… For what is to come

We deploy our skills and our highly motivated editorial team in the best way to make your social media work. And you lay the foundation stone for successful corporate communications over the next ten years, because - and this is something we are wholly convinced of - the media landscape will become more and more absorbed into social media in future. Those companies that plant the seed today, will reap the rewards tomorrow. Or are you doing so already today?