Modern engines are marvels of technology, where hardware and software go hand in hand. This is made all-the-more clear every time you visit a mechanic and he goes to work on your car with a laptop in place of a spanner. The " local mechanic just around the corner" has become obsolete, because today, modern engines can only be serviced by professionals with the right skills and equipment. The same goes for Web 2.0.

Not everyone has the necessary knowledge.

Skills are needed on two levels: on the one hand, we know which platforms and tools support your strategy best (and are constantly looking out for new tools that make our work more effective). And we know how difficult and important media-oriented reediting is - and that does not just mean trimming Twitter feeds to 140 characters. On the other, we understand complex issues, and that puts us in a position to inform your target audience competently.

Support without the lead time

The fact that you know the topics you are addressing goes without saying. However, your service provider should also know what is at stake, particularly in the highly sensitive area of social media. As PR professionals, we have been addressing ICT, automotive, financial and health care topics for many years. This gives you with the advantage of our being to support your team virtually from day one. From strategic planning to implementation.